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Past Selections


Date Genre Title  Author
9/9/2012 Animal Stories The One and and Only Ivan Katherine Applegate
8/12/2012 Family Favorites All Of a Kind Family Sydney Taylor
8/12/2012 Family Favorites The Great Brain John Fitzgerald
6/10/2012 Disability awareness Wonder R.J. Palacio
5/6/2012 Young Adult Where Things Come Back John Corey Whaley
4/1/2012 Poetry The Watch That Ends the Night Allan Wolf
3/11/2012 Awards Cybil Award Winners Various
2/12/2012 Awards ALA Award Winners Various
1/8/2012 Short Stories Chronicles of Harris Burdick Various
12/11/2011 Autobiography The House Baba Built Young, Ed
12/11/2011 Autobiography Drawing From Memory Say, Allen
11/13/2011 Juvenile Fiction Wonderstruck Selznick, Brian
10/9/2011 Classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Baum, L. Frank
9/11/2011 Young Adult Okay for Now Schmidt, Gary
8/14/2011 Local People in Pineapple Place Lindbergh, Anne
7/10/2011 Past titles review Various Various
6/12/2011 Non fiction Author Study Murphy, Jim
5/8/2011 National Book Award Mockingbird Erskine, Kathy
4/10/2011 Poetry Poetry discussion Various
3/13/2011 Awards Cybils winners Various
2/13/2011 Caldecott A Sick Day for Amos McGee Stead, Phillip
2/13/2011 Newbery Moon Over Manifest Vanderpool, Clare
1/9/2011 Illustrated novels Nest for Celeste Cole, Henry
1/9/2011 Illustrated novels The Invention of Hugo Cabret Selznick, Brian
12/12/2010 Classic, Juvenile Fiction Author study Dahl, Roald
11/14/2010 Historical Fiction Countdown Wiles, Deborah
10/3/2010 Fairytales Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Lin, Grace
9/12/2010 Picture books There's a Wolf at the Door Alley, Zoe
9/12/2010 Picture books ABC3D Batille, Marion
9/12/2010 Picture books Redwoods Chin, Jason
9/12/2010 Picture books The Man Who Walked Between the Towers  Gerstein, Mordecai
9/12/2010 Picture books What If? Seeger, Laura Vacarro
8/1/2010 Past titles review Various Various
6/6/2010 Non fiction Listen to the Wind Mortenson, Greg
6/6/2010 Adult Book Three Cups of Tea Mortenson, Greg
6/6/2010 Non fiction Three Cups of Tea: Young Reader's Edition Mortenson, Greg
5/2/2010: Non fiction Mission Control - This is Apollo Chaikin, Andrew
5/2/2010: Non fiction Moonshot Floca, Brian
5/2/2010: Non fiction Almost Astronauts Stone, Tanya
5/2/2010: Non fiction Team Moon Thimmesh, Catherine
4/11/2010 Verse novels Crossing Stones Frost, Helen
3/7/2010 Cybils Various Various
2/21/2010 Printz Going Bovine Bray, Libba
2/21/2010 Caldecott Lion and the Mouse Pinkney, Jerry
2/21/2010 Newbery When You Reach Me Stead, Rebecca
1/10/2010 Mystery London Eye Mystery Dowd, Siobhan
12/6/2009 Classic Wrinkle in Time L'Engle, Madeleine
12/6/2009 Juvenile fiction When You Reach Me Stead, Rebecca
11/9/2009 Professional book Show and Tell Evans, Dilys
10/4/2009 Young  adult Marcelo in the Real World Stork, Francisco
9/13/2009 Picture books Author study Henkes, Kevin
8/2/2009 Biography Escape Fleischman, Sid
8/2/2009 Picture books Houdini: World's Greatest Mystery Man Krull, Kathleen
8/2/2009 Graphic novels Houdini: The Handcuff King Lutes, Jason
8/2/2009 Historical Fiction The Houdini Box Selznick, Brian
7/18/2009 Past titles review Various Various
6/7/2009 Graphic novels The Arrival Tan, Shaun
6/7/2009 Graphic novels Magic Trixie Thompson, Jill
5/3/2009 Historical Fiction Octavian Nothing Anderson, MT
4/5/2009 Historical Fiction Hattie Big Sky Larson, Kirby
3/7/2009 Cybils Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks Lockhart, E.
2/1/2009 National Book Award What I Saw and How I Lied Blundell, Judy
2/1/2009 Newbery The Graveyard Book Gaiman, Neil
2/1/2009 Caldecott The House in the Night Swanson, Susan
1/4/2009 Classic Millions of Cats Gag, Wanda
1/4/2009 Biography Wanda Gag: The Girl Who Lived to Draw Ray, Deborah
12/7/2008 Juvenile fiction Author study Holm, Jennifer
11/2/2008 Young  adult Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Alexie, Sherman
10/5/2008 Juvenile fiction Underneath Appelt, Kathi
9/7/2008 Poetry This is Just to Say Sidman, Joyce
7/13/2008 Non fiction We are the Ship Nelson, Kadir
6/1/2008 Juvenile fiction Willoughbys Lowry, Lois
5/4/2008 Early chapter book Talented Clementine Pennypacker, Sara
4/6/2008 Fantasy Princess Bride Goldman, William
3/2/2008 Classic Secret Garden Burnett, Frances